Consecrated Space – Now in Salem – Yoga Mithraa – Classical Hatha Yoga Studio

Hatha Yoga is all about precision. If you bring precision into your activity, there will be precision in your mind.

One of the fundamentals of hatha yoga is to change the definition of what is tough. Generally, people’s understanding of strength or toughness is only in terms of resistance, assuming that if you offer strong resistance, you must be tough. By contrast, in yoga, toughness means to be in a state of acceptance, to be able to absorb everything without reacting to anything. Hatha yoga builds a different dimension of toughness – not with rigidity and resistance, but with flexibility and acceptance.

Establish involvement without discrimination, which means simply doing whatever is needed – not doing more of what you like and less of what you do not like. – Sadhguru

Yoga Mithraa is a Consecrated space offering Classical Hatha Yoga in its fullest sanctity and purity.

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